NSFA Facilities Levy

The purpose of the NSFA Facilities Levy is to increase our capability to provide improvements and upgrades to our local facilities. Earlier this year the Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (NSROC) released a report identifying a major shortfall in the supply and capacity of sportsgrounds.

Additionally, in 2017 NSFA collaborated with the NSW Office of Sport who produced a report that ultimately quantified the issues that exist within our specific boundaries. The results indicated that an additional 24.5 fields will be required by 2036 to accommodate the increased demand due to the projected growth of player numbers.

With very few new sportsgrounds being created (if any), due to the lack of available and/or affordable land, NSFA’s primary strategic objective and that of various councils is to increase the capacity of our existing facilities. This can be achieved through improving drainage, installing/improving lighting, and converting fields to synthetic where appropriate. While local councils manage sportsgrounds used by NSFA, a levy which accrues funding specifically for facilities can help:

Influence where council funds are allocated.
Accelerate the delivery of projects.
Provide priority or increased access.
Enhance projects already fully funded.
The NSFA Facilities Levy will amount to just under a dollar a game for both summer and winter football registration:

Summer football (2018 onwards) – $10 levy per player
Winter football (2019 onwards) – $15 levy per player